Past Successes

Since it began in 2005, Stand has grown from a group of 5 members to a national organization with over 50 chapters across the country. Click on the links below to read about our past successes in the fight against genocide.

MP Meetings

Stand has met with key Members of Parliament (and/or their advisors) from every political party. Notable meetings include:

  • Then-Prime Minister Paul Martin
  • High ranking advisors within both the PCO (Office of the Privy Council) and PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) during Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s first term in office
  • Former Leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatieff
  • Former NDP leader Jack Layton
  • Then-Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay
  • Then Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier’s Policy Advisor
  • Prominent Darfur/Sudan advocates Irwin Cotler, Paul Dewar, and Glen Pearson
  • Stand also consults with the Sudan Task Force of the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Dozens of other MP’s and Senators

Trip to Sudan

Sudan Sudan

In January 2008, Stand members Yoni Levitan and Anne Wagner were invited to accompany Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS) to the South Sudan/Darfur border by Liberal MP Glen Pearson. Whilst in Sudan, Yoni, Anne and the CASS team were able to interview internally displaced persons (IDPs) who had fled from Darfur to the Rumrol IDP camp. These interviews served as assessments for the International Organization on Migration, and as the driving force for Stand’s activities that year.

Stand members Jackie Bonisteel, Justin Brake, and Anne Wagner  returned from a second trip to Kenya and Sudan in January 2009. You can read Anne’s initial thoughts on the trip here, on the Stand blog.

If you would like to host one of them at your school or community event to speak about their experience, please email us at

Darfur Film Tour

In the fall of 2009, STAND Canada was contacted by Uwe Boll and Chris Roland, the writers and producers of the motion picture Darfur (2009). Bol and Roland approached STAND with the unique opportunity to premiere their new film. This project evolved into a ten-city film tour across Canada that launched STAND’s Stand for the Dead campaign. Hundreds of Canadians came out to see the movie and join in the discussion about the genocide in Darfur and what they can do to take action.

The film tour has now ended. Phase 4 films is now in charge of the film’s distribution – please contact them at for more information.

Speak the Name: Stand for Darfur Election

The 2008 Canadian Federal Election saw Stand embark on its first major election campaign—Speak the Name. The overall objective of Speak the Name was to make Darfur an election issue and, as a result, secure promises for action from our elected officials.

Stand developed “Report Cards”, evaluating the major parties’ policies related to Darfur, and created a special edition of the Darfur Digest focused on the election. Through a special website, our blog, a Facebook group, campus activities, and engagement with the media, we helped us stimulate a discussion on Canada’s role in Darfur.

We approached all candidates across the country to inform them about Stand and our aim to make ending genocide a cornerstone of Canadian foreign policy. The names of candidates who agreed to “speak the name” of Darfur were listed on Stand’s website, as well as publicized through other channels. Stand members also spoke the names of supporters by volunteering for their campaigns and attending events such as all-party debates.

This campaign was reinstated during the 2010 elections.  Overall, STAND has received support from over 60 elected Member of Parliament. Having so many allies in Parliament is heartening, and we will continue to work with these individuals to take action for Darfur!


In addition to helping raise the funds necessary for Stand to achieve its advocacy goals, Stand chapters have raised tens of thousands of dollars for humanitarian organizations such as the ICRC, Doctors Without Borders, GI-Net’s civilian protection program, CARE, Oxfam, and several other organizations working on the ground in Sudan.

National Day for Darfur

For the past three years, Stand Canada, in conjunction with multiple NGOs, have organized large concerts and rallies in April to unite people with the aim of creating political momentum and intervention surrounding the genocide occurring in Darfur. Rallies have been held in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Previous attendance levels have been at a minimum 800 people and at its largest over 2500 people. The events have all received large news coverage and shown to bring an incredibly high youth turnout. Former rallies have included bi-partisan political representation, Senator Romeo Dallaire, Justin Trudeau and Bedouin Soundclash.

Other Campaigns

  • “Rock the House” campaign led to over 6000 letters being sent to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • “10,000 voices for Darfur” culminated in a press conference on Parliament Hill, after a 12,000 signature petition had been presented in the House of Commons
  • Stand has staged five national conferences, providing in-depth leadership and advocacy training to over 125 young leaders from coast-to-coast.
  • Stand has staged numerous rallies, with our three biggest (two in Toronto and one in Alberta) each attracting thousands.
  • Stand’s targeted divestment campaign is active on several campuses that began work after the successful campaign at Queen’s University in 2007.

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