ACTION ALERT: Nation-Wide Calling Campaign – February 6th 2013

As mentioned in our New Year’s message, STAND Canada is participating in an advocacy campaign aimed at targeting our Members of Parliament to vocalize that continued action in Sudan and South Sudan is important to Canadian citizens. With widespread funding cuts anticipated towards international engagements over the next couple of months, we have a small window of opportunity to make a huge impact on Canada’s participation in the Sudans. The first step as concerned Canadians is to participate in our  Nation-Wide Calling Campaign to be held on Wednesday February 6th, 2013 at 10am- 5pm.

Here is the three step process:

  1. Read and get familiarized with our concise fact-sheet outlining the current crises in Sudan and South Sudan, alongside Canada’s current and past engagements. Have any questions? Contact Mieka Buckely-Pearson (STAND’s Operational Advocacy Director) at
  2.  Participate in a nation-wide calling campaign on February 6th. Call your Members of Parliament (both your academic institution’s and home town’s MPs) to remind them that their constituents want Canada to maintain its involvement and continue supporting the people in Sudan and South Sudan. Tell your friends to join in – our strength is defined by our numbers.
  3.  Remain persistent with the phone calls. If each of our members call their MPs 5 times, we can raise the awareness we need to make the Sudans a concern. If you are consistently led to a voice-mail system, call back in an hour – call as many times as necessary to ensure they receive the message and support our cause.

We need your help to ensure that Canada continues to consider Sudan and South Sudan priorities in our foreign policy. Join STAND members from across the nation on February 6th create a national impact. Check out our facebook event HERE. 

Mark your calendars & show Canada we care.

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