Let’s Act Now

Fellow advocates,

Late last month, a fellow organization released photos exposing that the Sudanese government was gearing up to attack the Nuba people in Sudan’s South Kordofan state. Despite being widely distributed to international decision makers, these photos and warnings were ignored and the consequences of apathy have only lead to mass displacement and bloodshed

The Nuba Mountains are located along the border where Sudan and South Sudan intersect. With the objective to suppress an armed rebellion in the region, civilians are being victimized by the Sudanese government. In an attempt to starve the rebel groups, the Sudanese government is blocking humanitarian assistance to the region. The United Nations has recently expressed deep concern for the region’s food insecurity “which could reach emergency levels if not immediately addressed.”

Last week, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof described the current conflict in the Nuba Mountains as an “echo of Darfur”. The mere possibility of echoing one of humanity’s greatest disasters in the year 2012 is unacceptable and I want you to join us in expressing that a modern genocide does not belong in your vision of the world we live in today.

The international community’s inaction in Darfur has only spilled conflict over into surrounding regions. In one year, this could be an occasion of deep shame and regret or an opportunity for triumph where we all joined forces and deemed the current ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains unethical and unacceptable.

I urge you today to join our efforts by emailing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and expressing your vision of a genocide-free world. Let this be our triumph!

In solidarity,

Monica Chakravarty

Principal Director

STAND Canada

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