Our New Year’s resolution.

2011 ended with STAND Canada’s decision to make some very important changes to our mandate and structure. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. 

In 2011, we witnessed many historic events, including the birth of the world’s newest nation, South Sudan. We also witnessed the people of Libya’s freedom from their corrupt regime, in addition to the birth of the Arab Spring movement. This year we urge you to help support us spread the movement of freedom to help us prevent future genocides. 

As mentioned in our holiday message, STAND is spreading our focus beyond the Sudans and the Democratic Republic of Congo to three more regions. Eventually throughout the year we will be spreading beyond these five regions as we build the capacity to do so. By broadening our range of regions we hope to become an accessible source for education and action for all Canadians. If you haven’t already done so, please consider supporting our path to growth by donating towards our holiday campaign.

As we approach the ninth year since the onset of the Darfur genocide and many preventable genocides since, I urge you to join STAND in fulfilling our New Year’s resolution: help us end genocide in 2012. We deem the occurrences of past genocides as a shame to our international community, and as a result the modern prevalence is simply unacceptable. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey of encouraging Canadian decision makers to stand against humanity’s gravest disasters through international policy and political will.

Best wishes for this year ahead. Together we can make genocide history – let this be the year!

Monica Chakravarty is Principal Director of STAND Canada.

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