Violence in South Kordofan requires action NOW.

Last week, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird expressed concern about reported human rights violations taking place in South Kordofan, Sudan.  These gross human rights abuses have been increasing in the South Kordofan region of Sudan since July. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled and humanitarian agencies are being prevented from providing aid to those in need.

While STAND welcomes Minister Baird’s concern, we also believe that Canada, with parliament and through the Sudan Task force, can take more public and concrete action to help stop the violence in Sudan.

Two weeks ago, STAND Canada wrote a letter to the Acting Director of the Sudan Task Force expressing concern for the urgency of the situation.  If you have not already shown your support please do so by signing our letter.  To date, we have collected over 120 signatures.  Sign today to convey your continued support for the people of Sudan.

Laurie Drake is Chapter Director of STAND Canada.

3 Responses to “Violence in South Kordofan requires action NOW.”

  1. Sabir Abdalla Kuwa says:

    Nuba Mountains International Association
    Call for peace.

    We are writing to draw your attention to the tragic humanitarian situation of the Nuba people of Sudan, and especially the children and women of the Nuba Mountains. In this far and internationally isolated area of the Sudan, along-running human rights disaster is dangerously worsening. Therefore, we argue you to tell your governments to act immediately, and with the requisite political will, to help make an end to this unfolding human tragedy.
    The catastrophic human rights situation in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan has been highlighted for more than five decades. Lastly, the president of Sudan, Omar Al Bushier, himself made announcement among Arabs meeting in a Mugilet city, that he will destroy the people of Nuba Mountains completely if Ahmed Haroun does not win the election. Heavy power of weapons, including flying Bum were built ready of more than 60,000 troops have been prepared by Government of Sudan, leading by the same criminal person of Darfur war,( Ahmed Haroan) .Now who is going to belief that all these weapons are acting now against Nuba Mountains people? Over 2.5milion are displaced. This regime has also been host to Osama Bin Laden participated in the global network of terrorists.
    From independent human rights non-government Organizations (NGO) to the United Nations and the United states Department of state, various international groups, and observers have presented one piece of gruesome evidence and violence after another. This evidence strongly demonstrates that the aggression violence of the Sudanese Islamist government (the National Islamic Front, NIF) and its local and national Militias are part of a concerted effort to force and there by subdue the Nuba . This is made clearly by the fact that the government of Sudan (GOS) and its armed militias do not attempt to differentiate between Nuba who are sympathetic to the armed opposition, Sudan people`s liberation Army (SPLA), and those who are innocent civilians.
    African Right for example and numerous relief, church groups, individuals, and even day by day of TVS news explain the worst situation of killing with plane Bum every day by Sudanese troops who are caring out Genocide against the Nuba people in the war against the non-Arabs in the country`s south, west, and the east.
    In addition, many have written that the deaths of tens thousands of people in Sudan could well qualify as genocide. Before two days only ago, people got shock of deaths of homeless children found on the streets, where they use to sleep.
    The instruments of the ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains by the GOS and its local militias include murder, rape, abduction, slavery, orchestrated famines as political weapons, and banishment of civilians to so-called “peace camps” where they are abused and pauperized under concentration camp-like conditions, such banishment often occurring after the GOS has burned their villages to the ground (see the pictures). At the same time, forced conversion to a particular kind of fundamentalist Islam (the Nuba are already heavily Islamic zed), the bulldozing and blazing of Christian churches, Islamic Mosques, and schools, and the execution of “apostates” by the GOS are all indicative of a strategy of cultural genocide.
    Though the GOS has increasingly unleashed its brutality on the Sudanese people more generally, `regardless of their race, religion, language, ethnic or social origin and status`
    UN special rapporteur`s Report), the Nuba remain a focal target of the GOS` policy of ethnic purging. Religion, ethnicity, class and gender have been remained salient features of the NIF regime`s campaigns in the Nuba Mountains, as in other areas of the Sudan. The Nuba and other ethnic minorities are examples.
    The U.N. special Rapporteur for example, cannot but conclude that the abduction of persons, mainly women and children belonging to racial, ethnic and religious minorities from Nuba Mountains, the Ingassena Hills, southern Sudan, and eastern area, their subjection to the stave trade, including traffic in and sale of children and women, slavery, servitude, forced labour, collecting weapon from Nuba solders and killing them immediately on the ground.
    Unfortunately, the GOS remains increasing a disaster openly defiant in the force of international security. It has continued to ignore all the reports and demands of United Nations and UN-affiliated international NGOs.
    Though it claims to be a protector of global human rights, U.N. documents highlight its failures to observe even the most basic human rights, and its constant denial of violating these rights. So, the big question still remains: who is going to bring an end of violation and genocide in Sudan?
    The GOS has also indicated clear refused to process the access of humanitarian relief groups to needy civilians, where they are in Government site or, others- occupied areas. In fact, the GOS has deliberately obstructed humanitarian assistance (by direct military targeting of relief efforts and representatives) to the people of Nuba Mountains.
    The southern state election which took place on May 2,011 has ended with multiple of troubles by GOS. NCP illegally prevented the state election commission office from releasing the result until it could manipulate then in safe of Ahmed Haroan (Darfur criminal war). In state, they were threatening to be killed if the leader of Nuba people wins the election.
    Though the worst offender, the GOS has not been the only perpetrator of human rights abuses in the Nuba Mountains. According to the SRR, “[m]embers of different parties to the conflict in southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains, other than the Government of the Sudan [GOS] and those affiliated with it, have committed a series of abuses and atrocities against the life, liberty and personal security of Sudanese citizens in the areas under their control.” Nevertheless, the GOS has been the least self-critical party toward the human rights abuses perpetrated by its members. For example, in “Facing Genocide: The Nuba of Sudan” (1996), African Rights cites more determined (though imperfect) efforts by the SPLA to curtail and punish human rights abuses by its members in the Nuba Mountains (and elsewhere), as compared to a total lack of such efforts by the GOS.
    It remains a puzzle and a travesty of justice that the Sudanese government’s cleansing campaign against the Nuba (and other minorities) has earned it only a slap on the wrist by the international community. There has been an embarrassing lack of a political will to act. The civil conflict and attendant human rights disaster in the Sudan remains, to the embarrassment of humanity, “an internal affair” that even the Organization of African Unity (OAU) shamefully brushes off as something to be taken care of by the Sudanese government. Such international indifference is especially troublesome in light of the fact that the Sudan conflict is currently the longest, and perhaps most atrocious, civil war in the world. And, we fear, the fact that the main sufferers are women and children may be an important cause of this indifference.
    Continued international silence on the Sudan, however, will in our opinion only serve to prolong the war and the inhuman situation faced by the women and children of the Nuba Mountains.
    We also call upon you to demand that your governments pressure the U.N. to promote the establishment of relief corridors (General Assembly) to facilitate the immediate free access of humanitarian organizations and U.N. relief programmes to the Nuba Mountains; and to pressure the U.N. Security Council to make use of the instruments in Chapter VII of the Charter (S.C. res. 688) in order to ensure the right to life of the Nuba people.
    International silence on genocide is utterly inexcusable in the twentieth century. Please, let the people of the Nuba Mountains and all of Sudan know that they are not less human than those in Sierra Leone, where a military coup called for interference by neighbouring West African countries; nor less worthy than those in other areas of the world where the international community has interfered to protect civilians and to punish the culprits who committed atrocities against them. In short, show the people of the Nuba Mountains and all of Sudan that the phrase “never again” is not an empty slogan.
    Finally, and most importantly, we call on the international community to acknowledge the state of genocide in the Nuba Mountains and therefor e to take the appropriate actions required by the Nations convention on the:
     Prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide.
     Stop the disaster of using heavy weapons such as the plane BUM against civilians in the Nuba Mountains.
     The international community must take action now, before it is too late for the people of the Nuba Mountains.
     We also call upon you to demand that your governments pressure the U.N. to promote the establishment of relief corridors (General Assembly) to facilitate the immediate free access of humanitarian organizations and U.N. relief programmes to the Nuba Mountains.
     Pressure the U.N. Security Council to make use of the instruments in Chapter VII of the Charter (S.C. res. 688) in order to ensure the right to life of the Nuba people.

    We look forward to hear from you.

    Mohamed Santo
    The President
    Tel:(403) 402 1110

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