As the world changes, Sudan deserves peace. ACT NOW.



The world seems to be changing all around us.

From regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt, to reports this week of protests in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Algeria and Iran, citizens across the world who are dissatisfied with their leaders are voicing their unrest. And the world is taking notice.

In line with these demonstrations have been the protests in Khartoum, Sudan.  Led by a leader who has been charged with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, the people of Sudan have tried to voice their dissent as well. Yet, they have been largely ignored by the international community.

Though Sudan’s President recently announced that he will not be running again when his term ends in 2015, the people of Sudan can’t afford to wait that long for change.

Seven years on, Darfur remains a region of violence.

Seven years on, thousands of people have been displaced and are living in camps, relying largely on aid groups to stay alive.

Seven years on, the Sudanese government still perpetuates violence and expels international aid when they think no one is looking.

Earlier this month, our Prime Minister issued a statement commending the commitment by the government in Khartoum to respect the outcome of the recent secession vote.  He stated that Canada stands ready to assist Sudan and South Sudan as they each respectively prepare for their post-referendum future.  To ensure that this is a peaceful future, the government of Canada must hold the Sudanese government accountable.

Today, I ask you to let the government of Canada know that you have not forgotten the people of Sudan. Call your local MP or contact our leaders through 1-800-Genocide.  Here is a suggested talking point:

“The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development recommended that Canada to send a high-level delegation to North and South Sudan.  I support this recommendation, and believe that it should include both Ministers and opposition MPs. It should convey our interest in a peaceful future for Sudan, including Darfur. It should also assess, with civil society, needs on the ground and establish how Canada can best help.”

For more suggested talking points, click here.

Let our leaders know that the people of Sudan deserve a chance for peace and stability.

In peace,

Elham Bidgoli

Principal Director

Stand Canada

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  1. Britty says:

    i feel sad when i talk about his in class, i fel as if i need to do something and im only 14. i dont know what to do,but to stay positive!!! if i do, others will, adn eventually, the people in Sudan will too. be strong!!

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