Stand for the Dead: Vigils Across the Country

On March 18, 2010, Stand Chapters across the country will come together to honour those who have fallen victim to the genocide in Darfur. Join us as we each light a candle in honour of those who have died and take action for those who are still suffering. See below to find the vigil or event happening in your city.


Stand Chapters



Event Description

Guelph, ON

Guelph University

6:00 PM

2nd Floor of the Albion Hotel, on 49 Norfolk St. (Downtown Guelph)

Candlelit Walk for Darfur, featuring speaker Sergeant Debbie Bodkin and members of the Darfuri community Contact for more information.

Kingston, ON

Queens University

7:00 PM

Common Ground (in the Athletic and Recreation Center)

Stand for the Dead, Light for the Living:  coffee house and candle light vigil event. Contact for more information.

London, ON

University of Western Ontario

Fanshawe College

7:00 PM

Concrete beach outside the University Community Centre

Candlelight Vigil. Contact for more information.

Montreal, PQ

McGill University, Concordia University

9:30 PM

3458 Parc, corner Milton – the ‘Ghetto Shul’

Benefit & Candlelight vigil.Contact for information.

Toronto, ON

University  of Toronto, York University

8 PM – 9 PM

Hart House Circle

A candlelit vigil to honour and remember the victims of the Darfur genocide. Featuring a performance by We Are the Take.Contact for more information.

Vancouver, BC

University of British Colombia

6:00 PM

Angus Building 321

The Darfur Discussion: A complex look of what’s happening in Darfur, and what can be done. Featuring panelists Senator Mobina Jaffer,  Jamie Sedgwick, a human rights/history prof, and Yasin Kiraga-Misago, a WUSC student and former refugee. Free admission & refreshments! Contact for more information.

Waterloo, ON

Waterloo University

8 :00 PM

Student Life Centre (SLC) on the UW Campus

Candlelit vigil featuring guest speaker Sergeant Debbie Bodkin and more! Contact for more information.

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  1. Audrey brooks says:

    Genocide Memorial Service, Edmonton Alberta, July 1, 2010 Invitation:

    On Sunday, July 1st, the second annual Genocide Memorial Service will be held at 9916-154th Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Representatives from many ethnic groups attended, placing labelled rocks in a dry riverbed landscape on the property. Each person spoke for a few minutes about their dedication, songs of peace were sung by the audience and the Raging Grannies of Edmonton. Harpist Gordon Ritchie and soprano Erin Van Der Molen-Pater played and sang Celtic music appropriate to the event. This year, Lewis Cardinal will call the four directions and be the keynote speaker, not only for the Aboriginal peoples, but for all people who lost their lives violently. Forty People attended the first service, representing: Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Scotland, Ireland, Jewish and Muslim peoples, Russians, Germans, Dutch, Turkey, Murdered and Missing Aboriginal women, Ukrainians, Welch, The Interfaith Centre for Education and Advocacy, The Interfaith Chaplains Association of the University of Alberta: it was from this group that the request came to make this an annual event. While the facilitators were Unitarian Minister, Rev. Brian Kiely, and U of A Chaplain Rev. Audrey Brooks, the service was inclusive of all belief systsems, including humanist, athiest and agnostic, as is the Unitarian concept of inclusivity.

    The commemorataive stone reads:
    ” Humanity stands in a river of its own blood”

    This garden honors the memory of victims who died violent deaths because of wars, racism, religious persecution, sexual orientation, greed, slavery, ethinic cleansing, and approporiation of aboriginal lands.

    Please pass this invitation to interested groups. Thank you, Audrey Brooks

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