Dafur screening in Toronto a success

Thank you to everyone who attended the screening of Darfur at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. We had an amazing turnout, and a great response to the event, which included a Q&A session after the film with panelists Ismail Adam (Darfur Association of Canada), Olivia Chow (MP for Trinity Spadina), Benjamin Shinewald (Canadian Jewish Congress National Executive Director) and Anne Wagner (Director of STAND Canada).

See below for pictures from the event, and if you live in Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, or Edmonton, be sure to attend a screening in your city TONIGHT! Tickets are on sale at http://standcanada.org/darfurfilm/buy-tickets/.

2 Responses to “Dafur screening in Toronto a success”

  1. Anna MacKay says:

    Thank you for putting on an informative evening. I especially liked the diverse panel for the discussions. Keep doing the great work you are all doing.

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